LockUp — a new stack for crazy good type

Yes, I purchased today and just waiting for a download link to the stack.

Got it now. Thank you, James.

I don’t understand how to buy this stack. Is there a link? The link supplied in the first post still doesn’t have an option to purchase.

Go here: LockUp

Scroll to the bottom to purchase.

David, if you’d like to try again — I just fixed something with the Rapidcart set-up this morning which seemed to have broken.

James, I don’t see how the Filter Effects work in the Lockup Image Child stack. I’ve tried adjusting the 3 filter types and the slider amounts - also tried adjusting the Blend Modes - but I don’t see anything different in the image. There doesn’t seem to be any documentation of this. Can you point me in the right direction?

Sorry about this — it was working originally but seems to have broken in more recent versions of Stacks. I’ve been putting an upgrade together which I wanted to get out before Christmas, but hit a problem with something else. Anyway, a 1.1 version with working filters for LockUpImage is on its way.


Thanks, James. Happy New Year.

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It’s a great stack, but what I can’t work out is, if you animate the type and set a finite number of repetitions, how do you stop the type disappearing at the end?

I need to follow up on @wolf 's question, 'cause it is not getting clear to me:

How do I make sure that LockUp is using my selfhosted font?
Let’s say, I’d like to use the Google font “RobotoSlab”. Like Wolf, I normaly use the stack FontPro to pull in the fonts.
How can I make sure, that LockUp is pulling RobotoSlab via FontPro from my server and not from Google directly?
Or: If I’d use @jamessouttar CSS suggestion, same question:
How can I make sure, that LockUp is pulling RobotoSlab via CSS from my server and not from Google directly?

Can you advise when LockUp 1.1 is going to be released, please. It’s been 21 days since it was “on it’s way”.


Does somebody know how and where to get in contact with @jamessouttar ?
Emails in the invoice don’t work.
No reaction here …
Hm …

Has anybody made the same experience with @jamessouttar ?

I’ve thought long and hard about ‘going public’, but I’ve been PM’ing James since October, when the issues with LockUp 1.0 Image filters and Stacks5 appeared.

Since then, he’s been very vague about exactly when a fix would be released, mentioning various unspecified issues which have delayed release of 1.1. In November, he was “readying an upgrade to send out”.

He hasn’t responded to me since mid-December, when he had “some setbacks at the last minute and couldn’t get the update out before I went away”, and was going to “get back onto it”.

11 days ago, I asked for an actual date when I’d be able to use the stack - no response.

I have been endlessly patient and understanding - we never really know what’s going on in people’s lives, but I’ve now requested a refund - also with no response, so far.

I am hugely supportive of the community, having spent hundreds (if not thousands) on various Developers’ stacks. I really loved the idea of LockUp, but I would strongly urge caution before buying, until @jamessouttar delivers a working version.

Thanks @jacksona, for letting me and the others know.
I stepped in that trap just a few days ago.
Well, maybe @jamessouttar will be responding and repairing the rest of his “credability” here soon.
Hopefully this comes to a good end.

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I don’t know if it will help but I’ve sent James a message over on the Stack’s Discord site - he seems to be active there occasionally. I mentioned that he has some questions waiting here on this forum.

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I feel bad that I didn’t manage to ‘warn’ you/others in time, but I’ve really tried to give the guy a chance to resolve the issues, rather than harming his business.

Unfortunately, I feel that three months is plenty of time to fix things, and since he’s been vague, and now completely uncommunicative, my patience has run out.

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Hey Good Morning, Adam,
you don’t need to feel bad.
That’s how life is.
I would have given James the time you gave him, too.
And: Yes. It is plenty of time! It sure is!
I think that was more then fair.
Maybe he is in a bad phase still and he is comming up to us users later sometime.

You never know ;o)
The only thing we can do is to warn other users and to keep contacting him here or whereever …

Best wishes

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Hi, everybody, my apologies for taking so long to get back to you — I’ve been travelling over the last month and haven‘t had the opportunity to get to grips with the issues with Lockup Image (which was tested and worked before upgrading to Stacks 5, at which point the background filters broke). I had a fixed version 1.1 readied, but the changes I made managed to break some functions of Animate. Anyway I’m now looking into these and don’t want to ship it until these are fully tested.

Anyway I appreciate your patience. I should point out that this isn’t my business — I spent a couple of months learning Stacks and building LockUp for my own use, and thought others might find it useful too. Fundamentally I created it as a text stack, but I realised that the ability to incorporate images, SVGs, other stacks, and some animation, would increase its abilities considerably. But trying to understand what exactly Stacks does with images has taxed my limited abilities a bit further than I had anticipated.



That’s heartening to hear. Please keep us informed of progress.