Longshot: Scribe Drop Cap: Use local font!

That’s it really. Anyone know of a way to use a local font (in resources) for the drop cap in Scribe?

I’m using UIkit3, so Font Vault isn’t an option.

Should add, the local font isn’t set to paragraph.

The immediate solution would just be to assign your font to a class name (the font vaults are merely class names font-vault-1 etc)

I can however easily add selector(s) to the dropdown if you tell me what you want it to support class name wise.

It looks like UIKit uses classnames like typography_font_1 in the same principle as font-vaults. I can add some of these to the selector. I’ve been meaning to add the Foundry ones for a while too. Isn’t it a shame everyone could not agree on a naming strategy but we are where we are.

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To do that, they first must agree on whose strategy is the best.

Actually no - they all do exactly the same as Font Pro and just assign pre-defined class names. They would just need to be the same name.

Done - Foundry and UIKit now supported, check for updates.

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Thanks, appreciate that.