Look for a new tabs stack

I’m using F6, and have a couple of tabs stacks, but can’t seem to get the exact design I want which is a simple underline (or bottom border) in my choice of color, for the active stack, pictured below. Anyone know of a tabs stack that can do this?

Most probably you just need some custom CSS for one of your tab stacks you already have.

Is there a particular reason that you want to do this? There is no visual indication that the text Log in has a function.

Most traditional tabbed layouts tend to look different from normal buttons which is not a good design idea. Buttons and tabs should look the same to convey, in as clear a way as possible, that the tabs have a function.

IMO, your tabs should match your buttons styling.

I would hop on over to the foundation community. I’m sure someone there would be more than happy to help you figure this out. Joe might even have some suggestions for ya.