Look ok on ALL devices

I just had a call with a client to go through a site im building.

I was freaked out to discover that even on a large monitor the website title broke off the last letter … even though looks great on all my devices, and stack settings imply will fit etc.
My client was on Dell using chrome … all my devices are mac. Is there a way to preview on other machines ?
Or do I need to post work in progress to a forum and ask for feedback. It really was odd that it looked so bad!


Also try this handy bit built in to RW

Tick the Manual Adjustment box at the bottom left in Preview. Now you can drag the whole preview window to increase/decrease the size and see if there are any points where the sizing of text etc. falls over and needs a bit of adjustment.

That statement is a litle worrying in terms or trying to diagnose what is happening here from the available information.

You need to find out what the problem PC’s operating system is, i.e. Win95, XP, Windows 10, etc. and also what version of Chrome they are using.

In addition, the best possible thing you can do here is to post a link of the site so others can test it. The more relevent information you can provide, the quicker we can get to the bottom of this and help you.


Any chance he was using Chrome’s (horrible) zoom function? Or perhaps some kind of (Windows) setting for zooming or visual accessibility?

Those sometimes break designs as the site itself isn’t resized (like when the browser is resized) but rather the viewport. Responsive design doesn’t work as you’d expect in those cases.