Looking for a menu stack


Hi - I currently use the mega menu stack from Foundry:

Only problem - the menu does not close on click on one of the menu items and the content of the menu is hiding the info underneath. So I need a menu stack with the same options (custom drop down which I can configure to scroll to an anchor on the same page or to an anchor on another site), logo and site title on desktop, site title on mobile etc.

Since I am not using Foundation, I can not use Magellan and its drop down menus …



Is it browser-specific? On the Windows machine I’m on, it closes on click in Chrome and Firefox


Sorry - it does not close when you click on one of the menu items. It does close when you click on the menu title.


Oh, gotcha. I see it now.


Hi Jan,
have you checked PopDrop from @tav?
At least for pad and mobile.


Yeah I used PopDrop for a menu recently… and then limelight for the iOS tablet and mobile navs… https://lapensione.com/


That’s all PopDrop and Limelight? Brilliant.


Thank you!