Looking for a RW slider with these transitions

Hi all, I have looked all over the place and Google searched, but I cannot find a RW slider stack that can replicate the transitions I have in this slideshow: https://naturalhouse.co.nz. That specific slider is Revolution slider for WordPress, and I cannot see anything similar. Impact which has a vast array of transitions does not do what this does.

Thanks in advance for any help the community can offer.

2008 is on the phone, it wants it’s slider back.

(Sorry! But those sorts of effects are totally dated IMO).


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Joe Workman has one called cycler https://www.weavers.space/stacks/cycler but as per SteveB comment … please don’t do anything like that, it’ll only make your site look instantly old.

Refined Slider from Stacks4stacks may have those types of transitions:


But I also agree with Paul and Steves’ recommendations.

So true, but clients are attached to certain things…