Looking for a simple to setup free site visitor stats solution

I have a customer with a student property letting business I created using EasyCMS. They want to be able to view visitor stats and ideally this would be displayable somewhere on the admin page. They used WordPress in the past for this new site and currently still do on another site and expect to have the same type of visitor stats available when logging into WP.

I normally direct customers to Google to setup some stats but this is way too complex for this customer.

Anyone have a solution for this?

Working on this already. You will be able to see stats on a page with nice charts.

Backend (collector) is already finished since months. Have to work on the front end, though.


Don’t know how simple you’re wanting to get but @doobox has stats:



@Jannis That sounds really interesting - hurry up with it:)

@Teefers Thanks for that that link. I had no idea that Doobox stack existed and it may be just what the customer wants.

Thanks both.


Ive used the Doobox stack for ages and it works well. For me tho, I do find it slightly limited as it only shows page views. If it could show unique visitors too then it would be perfect!!

That’s always difficult in times of GDPR. You would have to track the user e.g. with a cookie, and the user might has to accept this.

I just installed Matomo on my website. You install it in your own server, you can disable cookies and it does respect do-not-track settings. It is GDPR compliant as any data is instantly anonymized and the data does not leave your server.

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Thanks. I will check it out.

Ok Looks like it’s a fee per month service which won’t fit this application. Customer doesn’t want to pay because they get r this for free in their other Wordpress site which they think is wonderful.

All part of the joys of working with clients who expect all the features but none of the issues of their Wordpress experience.

No, it is totally free as long as you install it on your server:

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Would it be possible for a customer to log into just their site’s stats from their site.

Yes, you can have a main admin account and then set up a user account. I have Matamo on a few client sites.


All that Neil said :-)

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I use Statcounter for some sites that clients want access to (free but shows some ads when logged in, but Adblocker cures this!) and I’ve just started with Open Web Analytics (similar to Matamo but easier to setup) hosted on the sites webserver.

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You can also setup weekly/monthly etc. reports to be emailed direct to your client.