Looking for Advanced Publisher help

Hello, Will & Stacks4Stacks folks! I’ve purchased & implemented a few instances of the Advanced Publisher stacks on our new web site (highlands55.org). They’re working really well, to the extent I’ve used them. We have a few standing meetings in our Homeowner’s Association, though, where the scheduling of the web page content has been a bit of a challenge for me.

For example, our Finance Committee meets on the “4th Tuesday of every month”. How the heck do I set up the right AP stack for that sort of schedule? I’m guessing that the “AP Weeks” stack is what I want to use, maybe combined with “AP Days”, but I’m not seeing how to choose which week of the month for this kind of repeating event.

Separately, is there some sort of “User’s Guide” for the AP stack collection? The secondary checkboxes in the Settings pane are interesting, but (again) I’m not sure what they’re for or how to use them.

Thanks in advance!

Rob Mustard

You might want to directly ping Will using: @willwood

Hello Rob,

I would try an AdvancedPublisher Days stack, configured to On Particular Month Days and set it to the final 7 days of each month. Taking into account that a month like February can have 28 days. So you would set it to publish after the 22nd of each month.

Then I would nest a second AdvancedPublisher Days (within the first) and use that to conditionally display the content every Tuesday, using the On Particular Week Days setting.

That should bring you closer towards having content that is being shown on the final Tuesday of each month.

Of course, it would be easier to configure it for the first or second Tuesday of every month, because the date range is consistent irrespective of the month.

Basically you are setting a day-range for each month, and trying to capture a named day that falls within said range.

The user guide is published here: https://stacks4stacks.com/advancedpublisher/

All the settings within the stack are tooltipped and you have the option to display instructions in edit mode too.