Looking for design suggestions

I would like to display the potential cost savings of our services over a competitor using three ‘counters.’

I could show it via a popup on load, but I am not a fan of this method. I would love to display it within @willwood’s Switcher stack, but 1LD’s stack doesn’t show up. Plus, if it did show up, the effect would probably have already occurred (numbers counting up). So, I’m looking for your suggestions on how best to put this on my page.

In a popup on page load: https://www.mediapressions.com/draft/
In a Switcher / Click on "Potential Savings: (but it doesn’t show up): https://www.mediapressions.com/draft1/

Why not show it on the page and leave it on the page as normal page content? The popup seems to work fine, but once cancelled you don’t see the information anymore. I would think leaving that information on the page would be a valuable thing to do.

Not sure why you would want to put the information in a tab that would require that the user clicks the button to reveal it. The risk here is that the user never sees the information.

Based on what you have said, I can’t help thinking you are over complicating this.

Thanks - I probably am overthinking it. It’s just that it takes up a lot of room, and our marketing dept wants as much pertinent info (address, services, etc.) above the fold as possible.

Well there is a dirty great big space in the middle of the footer banner you could use.

What does the marketing dept know anyway? Push the benefits and not the contact details.

lol- there actually is a footer on the "real’ page: https://www.mriofal.com/locations/mobile/

Ha. tell the Marketing Dept to lose the Covid warning because I had to deep below the fold to find anything.

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I agree you lose the info on the pop up method.

Do you really need 3 columns to show this off? Not the healthcare system I use but at a glance it’s not obvious why/how you save $850.

Would it be an idea to go for the headline figure of saving $850 dollars with the eye-catching animation, then smaller details below that of how you save over a competitor?

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On desktop I’d put them in a 3x col stack, below the fold, set to activate as they scroll into view.

On mobile/small screens I’d not use them. Instead use three blocks stacked, with same colour background and static numbers.

If I had to do this I’d not use them at all, I’m not a fan. I’d use the same three col on desktop and Srollmate to have the first col slide up first, followed by 2and and third.

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Indeed - It is being moved to a button in the header image. It will then be displayed via a Limelight modal. :)

Gary was absolutely correct- I was overthinking it. I’ve simplified the concept and it would work great…IF it worked. Please check out the link again (https://www.mediapressions.com/draft/). Once you see “of over 60%” adjust the browser a pixel, and the Optic2 stack shows up. Without resizing the browser, it’s hit or miss (but almost aways, it’s not visible). Any suggestions? Something to do with it being displayed inside of @willwood’S Switcher stack (which, I LOVE)?


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