Looking for RW macros list

Is there a list of RW macros anyone knows about? Google shows a RM page that yo have to pay for.

I need to duplicate a number of RW sites each specific to a geographic location, and alter a few specific words and also the SEO and Alt Tag content in a number of places, for each RW project to use the location.

I am hoping there are some macros I can use for this.

Alternatively I could use something like EasyCMS for each project, but using macros at the time of publish would be a better solution I think.

What about the theme sdk?

Thanks but couldn’t see anything useful in there.

Which macros do you expect or need in detail?

Initially I would like to see whats available.

I am hoping there will be ones to access the “Title”, “slogan”, “Footer”, “Logo alt” and “Banner Alt” text in RW7.

Maybe not footer. Everything else should be available.

Have a look inside a default theme package -> index.html

Good idea.

Not sure exactly what you mean by “a default theme package” but couldn’t see what might be these macros in any of the theme I checked. It seems however, that they won’t be in the index file unless the theme developer chooses to add those specific ones.


See also


Brilliant. Thanks.

These are the ones you can use:

The theme must support Banner images to access the Banner _alt text unfortunately. Also %email% is also partially accessible but it puts Contact Me after the %footer% text.

Also the %title% is the page title so that limits it use.

Anyway, there are 4 usable macros here that will come in handy in this requirement. Thanks again.

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If you grab the orignal RW4 Theme SDK PDF:
Go to the Appendix TOC Page 77 You will see a list :

Most still apply With RW7.

To see what was added or changed in RW6 see this small addendum:https://github.com/realmacsoftware/RWThemeKit/blob/master/Documentation/Theme%20Syntax.
and for changes in RW 7:


Anyone know of a RW7 theme that supports Banners. I have tried loads of themes but the RW General Settings for Banner has a message stating “The theme you have selected does not support banner images”.

I am hoping to find a theme that does support banner images and select it, then add the Banner Alt text, and then select a proper theme and I suspect the Banner Alt Text will remain.

You can also access the Sidebar Title using %sidebar_title%

I think Voyager included with RW does.


I have been digging around the RW forum and it seems that some can’t access the Banner feature and some can use it. I have tried every RW7 included theme and none allow it for me. Weird but most likely a bug. Now that I have found a way to access the Sidebar I will abandon trying to use the Banner Alt text as I think I have enough macros to us.

Kiki doesn’t allow access to the Banner for me.

Anyone know if there is a macro for the page folder?

I don’t think so.

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