Looking to see if this stack exists

Hi all

Is there a stack that does what this page does

The page shows a couple of rows of images/items and then there is a show more button which then shows more rows of images, I guess it’s a content expander

Thanks in advance!

It is not just revealing hidden content it is dynamically loading more content when the show more button is clicked - this ensures the page loads quickly.

Total CMS can do this with its blog list, I’m not sure is there are any other stacks that do it.

You often see this sort of AJAX loading used with “infinite scroll” pages - where each time you get to the bottom it loads more content.

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Have a look at inStacks Poster which is a stack that does what I understand you are looking for.

See this demo - BWD Source | Poster 2

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I found this stack re: Ajax, do you think it may work?

@Webdeersign That poster example is not dynamically loading content - it is all present on the page, it is just being revealed on scroll by ScrollReveal JS

@Anon That stack certainly does the AJAX loading thing so its along the right lines. It looks like it will just load one lot of content when triggered rather than do the infinite loading thing but at that price its got to be worth a try if you think it will fit your needs.

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Hi, I have Poster 1, I’ll see if that option is available. I never upgraded to v2 wonder if there’s a discount for v1 users. Thanks!

I would say that Poster meets this requirement.

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Well if it just has to reveal hidden content then there are a ton of free stacks that will do it without the need for a php blog. I have at least 3 stacks that will do that on a button click or scroll but I have a zero marketing policy on this forum.

I mistakenly thought that the example page was the prototype for the requirement which revealed a relatively large amount of content whilst not taking an age to load, thus needing some form of dynamic loading

Which 3 stacks are those?

OK so a couple of questions

  1. Why do you want to hinder the UI by making the user click to reveal the page rather then have them just scroll the page to see the content unless it is to reduce the amount of content that it initially loaded?
  2. What environment do you want to use it in (Theme / Framework) - i.e. do you want a solution that uses vanilla JS or jQuery?

The client has portfolio page of about 50-60 items, and he didn’t wants to show all at once, he wanted the the user to see some works and if they were interested to see more they could just hit the show more button to see more and reveal 3- 4 rows of work. He didn’t want to overwhelm them with a bunch of images.

That is exactly the best way to use Poster. Set it up to display a convenient number of items such as 12 , 16, etc and then when the user hits the next button, a fresh new set of 12, 16 , etc items are dynamicaly loaded and displayed. This way the page never gets bogged down with all the previous items filling up the browser. Invariably infinite pages type of pages can get bogged down with too much content.

I recently redid my site with Poster2 (https://webdeersign.com/projects) and I think it’s a convenient and quick way to navigiate around multiple items that will increase in number over time. If you add in the Poster2 Search and Tag Category filters then it adds a quick find facillity.

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Now you have explained the requirement, I agree with @Webdeersign - paginate them using Poster assuming edit mode can handle the amount of content.

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There is a wonderful irony in this thread in that we are searching for a RapidWeaver stack to build a site like the Blocs Addon site. I wonder if there is a parallel post on the Blocs forum searching for a suitable Bric to build the RealMac Addons page?

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The irony for me is that the requirement is for something that does not do what the blocs page does at all :)

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Although you can create a WP Template with Blocs so it’s a twisted triple irony. A further irony would be that you wouldn’t actually need any Blocs Addons to build the RealMac site, because you could do it completely with the standard Blocs.

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…and you could write any of them just using a free copy of Bootsrap utilising an IQ > 22.8

…and even better you could dispense with the framework and write them from scratch

… and even better you could forget about the computer and light beacons on the nearest hilltops

I didn’t know about Blocs. What an interesting find and good looking applicantion for the Mac platform. Great looking user interface and support for Wordpress. As someone who doesn’t code but would like to code I particularly like the supporting application entitled Solis which allows the developer to see the impact of your code in realtime. The question for me is “Do I make the pilgrimaged away from RapidWeaver over to blocs” or do I “Develop with them both” ??

I’d say that Blocs comes with a lot more than RW. Buy the time you buy Stacks and then the various stacks or other addons to get similar levels of functionality.

But RW does have a far more advanced third party developer community that means addons are available to do things that Blocs can’t yet do.

However, Blocs seems to be evolving very rapidly and once it’s developer API is ready for prime time it could open and allow addons with more advanced functionality.


I’ve not had much dealings with WordPress but would be interested to see where/if Blocs allows me to tap into this developer community ?