Mac Mini 2.0?


Hello all,

While I never got a chance to jump onto the previous thread, I took a gander at making the site in foundation. edit* and a bunch of third party stacks** Now I haven’t finished due to time constraints… However I thought you all might be interested in seeing the initial loading animation that I was able to do. Let me know what you think.

#2 Here is a desktop only demo.


Well done. Great start.

Although it is not made with just Foundation as it is full of tavs amazing BWD stacks. Bill made his Foundry version with just 100%Foundry stacks and his BWD version in a blank theme with just 7 different BWD stacks which is pretty amazing.




very nice!


Agreed, I think people also need to know that the extended stack universe does do a lot. And people need to know the full power they have with 3rd party stacks.

Which is endless.


nice work