Mac mini website - RW recreation


Thanks @Webdeersign

Yes - I thought I better do this as it is 8.1 that I actually built them in and so they would be locked to that otherwise. Having done this though I can say that the preview time in RW8 is way better. The load times in 7.5 are ridiculous.


Very interesting that you report the preview times are quicker in RW8. What version of RW8 are you using and what exactly do you mean by Preview in v8?


I use 8.1.

Just hitting the preview button to view the rendered page - huge jump in speed from 7.5 to 8 with the exact same page. Hadn’t opened 7.5 in ages and was shocked at how slow it was.


I just tried the latest RW8.15 demo using your rw8 file, and also the rw file converted to a new rw8 file (in case the rw7 file was different) and compared it with RW7 preview, using the rw7 file. They all took 9 seconds to preview and I can’t detect any difference in Preview time. I did this a few times and they were all consistently a whopping 9 seconds.

Out of curiosity, I tried the Simulate and that did seem to ‘preview’ quickly, however it started in an iPhone size screen at 2.4x magnification and when I looked at the full simulated output it had not preview the full site. All animations and background images were missing. This is what I get:

I then edited the first header and aded an x to the end of the text and pressed simulate. It simulated in a few seconds but even more of the page was now missing, almost all text was missing and the x that I added didn’t appear. See below:

This is worse that the original release candidate over 6 months ago.

Also I am using the BWD version and not the Foundry + packs version.


The BWD one takes about 9 seconds in RW7.5 for me and only about 4 in RW8.1.5

Is that the upgraded (from 7 to 8) file that is causing issues? Something is corrupt somewhere.


No, I compared the RW7 file in RW7, renamed your rw8 file, and then loaded the rw7 file into rw8 and converted it into rw8 for the first rw8 test, and then loaded your renamed rw8 into rw8 for the second test, and then compared all 3 times - which were all the same for me.

Very curious that you see a significant speed difference and I wonder what might be producing that speed up and also why I don’t see it.


Here’s a video using the Simulate feature that appears to take about the same long time as it does in Preview when a file is preview for the first time.


I’m interested to know, how long does the Blocs version take to preview?


Ah now you are just fishing for compliments :-)


Hi, I don’t know. I assume you mean the original Blocs demo created by Eldar. Assuming so, I don’t have access to that Blocs project file but it would be very interesting to run that same file on my system to do a real comparrison.


I did some testing with 8.0.3 to 8.1.x and noticed a massive jump in preview speeds. I posted about it somewhere on here.

Just a shame that 8.1.x is still having issues.



I have sent you the files via email.

It takes 1 second on my 12-inch MacBook to load the Preview. Maybe 1.5 second first time.



It looks like you need to set the background colour in the Void theme. It should be #0b0c10.

That’s a long time. Not sure what is going on. The Foundry one, certainly in v8, previews quickly for me. 1-2 seconds first time - and pretty much immediate on subsequent previews.

All seems a bit random.


Could be machine spec?


I figured out the issue with the Simulate preview. I had the Void theme installed in RW7, but not in RW8, and RW8 chose Foundry for my default theme and applied that. I had always thought, that if you didn’t have a theme installed that the project file was set to use, that it would display an error, but this is no so. Installing the correct theme cured the Simulate preview display, and the page BG colour was set from the project file. I redid the test and the time was the same in RW8 Preview, Simulate and RW7 Preview.

I then fired up the Blocs demo file and ran it on the same Mac - 2012 MBP with 10.12.6, Blocs 3.12, and the Blocs preview time is about 1 to 1.5 seconds. It’s difficult to be more accurate because the demo fades in. Here is a video and as you can see , the Edit mode is pretty much an accurate WYSIWYG, so you rarely have to use Preview.


Here’s the Foundry one on mine:

RW8.1.5 iMac 21.5 2013 with 10.14.2


Wondering why the hell my RW is so slow then. Your video shows a level of performance that I have never seen from RW6, 7 or 8.


With RW7 I can practically go grab a cup of coffee while waiting for pages to preview on my Mac Pro and it’s not exactly thrilling on a top spec 2018 MBP. In Blocs they are essentially instant, even on my ancient 2007 iMac. I don’t quibble over differences in 1-1.5 seconds.


It’s a pity there isn’t a Blocs forum for all you Bloc-heads to populate.

This is getting to be like Android users invading iOS forums and bitching/promoting what they use over what the iOS forum is about. Kinda pathetic.

But, you do you 😉

edit: I don’t dislike Blocs. I haven’t tried it. It may be great. And, if I did want to give it a go, I’d head to their forum, not to change anybody’s mind, but to learn more. Maybe some of you can start a Blocs4All forum?


Edit: @NotHimAgain Are you actually working still for RMS? I never understood who was doing real support…