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Actually I like this open discussions very much - I do not see it as a means to get people away from RW but for any webdeveloper it is nice to have a look around and talk in your favorite forum about it. And why not? I still stick to RW and love to built my sites with it. I just wish you could not use words like “pathetic”. This wording disturbes me more than any topic about any other web development tool out there…


This entire thread is based on a project file that was originally created for Blocs. It’s become a kind of comparison of workflows, so yes a few Blocs users are pipping up. But I would not go as far to say there is promoting going on here.

I mean some users actually own both apps?

I think the fact the users of RW have felt the need to create another forum speaks volumes of the attitudes instilled in its current community.

In this thread alone the comparison is unearthing potential issues regarding preview speeds and how they differ between Macs for RW, this may in fact lead to improvements the RW team can implement to improve the app. Is that not a good thing?

The discussion here and throughout this forum is gold dust for the creators of RW. These are the voices who care so deeply about RW they started another forum just so their opinions can be voiced.

Don’t be so dismissive of an open and free conversation ✌️


@NotHimAgain Your reply is quite a surprise in many ways, but, in your role as a RapidWeaver support person for RealMac, this is exactly what I would expect from the mothership. It’s a risky strategy to address everyone as “Bloc-heads”, use phrases such as “bitching/promoting”, “Kinda pathetic” and try to control discussion of Blocs here, by suggesting that a new forum is setup.

“I don’t dislike Blocs. I haven’t tried it. It may be great. And, if I did want to give it a go, I’d head to their forum” - that says it all.

For the record, there are many RW and Blocs users on this forum and some are active, some are Devs evaluating the API and some are just happy to invest in a small independent UK based web developer who is at the forefront of web creation UI development. However, it’s just bad practice and wrong that you suggest that Blocs users should not be here.

This forum is about free unrestricted discussion and it is no coincidence that the 3 most replied to threads, on this forum, are about web creation apps, other than RW. Also interesting, is that the most replied to thread on this forum has more replies than any RM thread since Jan 2017. Only 2 other threads on the RM form had more replies and both were shut down because it did not go RM’s way.

However, the most interesting comment in this whole thread, forum and possibly the entire RealMac forum in relation to RealMac, comes not from a RW user, but from the creator of Blocs himself.

Sometimes it takes someone outside the RM eco system to point out what’s wrong and also to point the way forward for RM. There certainly is gold dust in this thread and forum, should RM wish to show some empathy for it’s customers and take notice. RM should read Norm’s elequent post carefully as it hits all the marks.




SLOW DOWN PEOPLE - This is exactly the sort of pack hunting that we did not want on this forum.

Brian @NotHimAgain USED to answer support tickets for RM but so far as I am aware he has not worked for them for a while now.

He is also a user and a nice guy who was always the voice of balance and reason when he was a RM support person.

LETS BE CLEAR - While the ideals of this forum promote free speech its primary purpose was to provide an unencumbered channel for the smaller stacks devs to offer support to their users and act collaboratively to help people.

General discussions are good but by the nature of these side topics they can, and most generally do, degenerate into pseudo arguments. The same happens on ALL forums that are partisan. This forum is non partisan and we must strive to keep it that way to ensure that everyone feels welcome and more importantly sees it as a friendly place to come for support.


Screw that…


Fine, BWD is now closed.



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Please don’t close I (we) need the Big White Duck


This seems to have got derailed somewhat - probably largely due to me bringing preview speeds into the conversation. I’m going to close this thread as I don’t know what more needs to be said.

So that they are easy to find in amongst all of this, I’ll just post again the links to the 2 project files that I have exclusively shared with the RW4ALL community.

Over and out.

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