MacOS 11 alternative Mail app

I would have agreed with you, having used little else for over a decade. Then I tried some other mail clients, and discovered just how far they’ve come since the early days of mail clients, where Mail seems to be stuck.

I do still use it, but only for archiving now.


As a simple email client it’s fine. But here’s my requirements:

  • 10 - 20 email personal and business addresses. It varies on how busy I am.
  • Multiple rules to move messages to specific mailboxes. I create these from the obvious (family, Amazon, business etc.) through to individual clients, projects, support, testing etc. Currently I have 28 unique mailboxes on top of the default mailboxes.
  • I need different notification settings for each mailbox so I don’t miss the important ones when they arrive.

Apple Mail has dumbed down so much that even their search function only allows a single parameter. Useless for me.

The real issue - as we all know - is that the email system itself is unfit for purpose. A 1970’s throwback that (like Word) is impossible to ditch for a better method simply because it’s so ubiquitous.

Have you tried mimestream:

Thanks Norm - that’s a new one.

To be honest, it seems to have Apple Mail’s limited functionality with a slightly better interface - and of course it uses Google mail as a server.

However, I’ve signed up for the beta because you never know!

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Thanks guys!

Any experience how to set custom email signatures for these mail clients?
I like to have custom signatures and I do them for clients as well.

In the past I had unpleasant surprise with bought Canary mail client that it did not support HTML based email signature at IOS. It use to be bit of pain to set it at OS X native Mail app but these days it easy as copy-paste.

@TapioMichael Postbox can do this.

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After I’ve seen the recommendation for Postbox I purchased it with the 33% discount.
I’m very happy with it: multiple accounts, aliases, signatures, templates, snippets and digital signing, it’s all there!

Thanks everyone for your very interesting ideas. Where available I’ve downloaded demo apps and put them through their paces.

And the clear winner is…
For me, by far the most well designed solution and highly adaptable to cope with multiple accounts and mailboxes, showing them in an uncluttered interface.
(33% off right now: Lifetime licence is only $39 - bargain.)


Unfortunately PostBox 7 does not support SpamSieve, or any other plugin for that matter, so is a non-starter for me. :(

I will stick with AirMail, which does everything that I want and supports SpamSieve

The makers of spamsieve say something else:

Postbox 6 and 7 do not currently have direct support for SpamSieve, but you can use it by following the Setting Up Other Mail Clientsinstructions.

Thanks for finding that, I will try it.