Made for Stacks - 3rd party addons for the Stacks web design app


Our new home. Thanks @joeworkman @Davide @doobox for your hard work on the new marketplace website.

Here is the replay of todays life stream:


@joeworkman @Davide @doobox Thanks a lot!


Super excited for this… Congrats all!

So much better than the previous offering. Simple and to the point.

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OMG. This is inspiring. Many thanks for your hard work in putting it together.

Well done guys, this is excellent.

Excellent, bob on! Thanks to all involved.

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Yes, thank you for this site, that will be helpful. If all the developers are going to post their stacks here, there will thousands. I noticed many developers still need to put their stacks on the site.

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What an appropriate way to celebrate the first anniversary of the Realsmac Elements announcement.


In one week, over 500 addons have been added (which are far more than on the RW marketplace). I’m sure all other devs are going to add their addons in the next days and weeks πŸ‘


@Jannis I notice you will be porting Volt CMS to stacks which is great news. Hope it has all the features of the Blocs version - particularly the blog stacks.


In the video by Joe Workman yesterday, I noticed that the site will not only be for stacks. I think that it will include all the items that the developers are doing, including plug ins for Blocs editor. But it would definitely be nice if Wolt was converted to a stack :-)

Definitely not. This is for Stacks plugin and Stacks Pro only. Volt CMS will be available on Stacks Pro in future.

But let’s continue with the new marketplace itself and not my stuff πŸ˜‰

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For developers not registered yet, you’re able to use this form to request access:

Ah OK, I might have misunderstood something in the video. Sorry for that. Yes, I will be looking forward to getting a page where I can search for the stack that I need. And I am looking forward to Wolt. That is great news it comes to Stacks Pro.

Very Nice!

I have to say, that Lego style icon for stacks is very cool! 😍

Artwork and icon by @doobox