MagicGellan2 / Magic dots not animating

Should these stacks work just by dropping onto a page?

I’ve added MagicMarker2 sections, and they appear in either my MagicGellan menu bar, or as Magic Dots at the side of the screen.

They have active links that jump to the correct section, but they don’t change colour / animate as scroll down the page, and clicking them jumps to the relevant section — it doesn’t scroll smoothly as I see in demos.

Is there a setting I need to active / add to activate this functionality?

Thank you in advance of anyone helping me!

MagicGellan is designed to use the Foundation 5 framework scrolling components. People do use it outside of Foundation to make custom menus using the zone links but the scroll to marker functionality is purely Foundation I’m afraid.

Thanks @Tav

I do have Foundation6 and all the relevant plugins, but blimey, does it look complicated!

I’ve had a look around, and tried dropping in the relevant Stacks into a sample Foundation site (and an empty one with Styles stack added), but can’t get it to function.

Can you direct me to a good tutorial in order to learn how best to learn the ropes?

It’s compatible with Foundation 5 not 6 - the original one from about 5 years ago (the stacks versions numbers were 1.x)

I have written a new version of Magicgellan that works with any theme or framework. Its not completely finished but if you send an email to the BWD support address with a subject line of OPM beta then I’ll get you a copy to play with in the next few weeks.

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