Mailing Lists

Hope this may be useful to someone? I have just discovered the very affordable Direct Mail for Mac app

Perhaps in combination with the server based Sendy this represents a much more affordable and ethical approach than the regular MailChimp etc that rely heavily on Facebook and Google integrations

How/why would you use it in combination with Sendy? Am I missing something?

I probably won’t myself, but Sendy offers very cheap mail out costs if you have a big throughput

I use sendy loads, tens of thousands of newsletters a week thru it, but what I’m not understanding is how you’d integrate Direct mail with it, or why you’d need to, as they both seem to do the same thing. Unless Direct Mail does something I’m missing?

No idea Steve. I’ve just started using it, so I’m flagging affordable solutions that I have come across

Gotcha. I was just confused as it seems to do the same as Sendy, but “in the cloud”, like Mailchimp. So I don’t think anyone would use both. But good to have alternatives.

Although, I will say, if you email any sort of number of subscribers and want better control than the likes of Mailchimp, Sendy is the best option. Plus. it’s about 100th the price, once you hit the “free” limits.

I guess though the challenge is getting an AWS account now. I tried to get one for a client recently and they got refused, for no obvious reason. I’ve read that it’s getting harder and harder to get one now as Amazon are being super careful, I imagine to ensure they keep spammers out and retain the whitelist reputation.

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