Major issue hit: G3 and P2 not playing together. Help!

Halfway thru a client build and I’ve hit a major problem. It’s my fault. Once I hit the issue I remembered I knew this would happen, but this feature is the core of the site, so I can’t just not do it!

I have a gallery page created using Poster 2 and Gallery3. In short, inside each Poster Detail is an instance of Gallery 3 pointing at a folder on the server, plus some other content (text, buttons etc.). When I demo’d this to the client months ago I didn’t bother to setup the a server folder, I just opted for the “remote image” option. But of course, now I’ve come to build out the core of the site of which there are 12 pages like this (gallery pages with Gallery3 inside Poster2), I’ve discovered/remembered that G3 won’t work inside Poster.

In the hope this was only a limitation of Gallery3 I tried ProGallery. Same issue. Tried a few other options to pull in images from a server folder, all failed if placed inside Poster.

In short, right now, I’m f**ked.

I’m hoping @Jannis is going to come along and say “hey, that’s a simple fix, do/use this…” but I kinda know that isn’t going to happen. So I need to look at alternative methods to create the same setup.

It works much like the demo on my Caffeine site: Online Gallery Manager

EDIT: That demo page works in an identical way, and actually works (G3 inside Poster) but uses Poster 1 not Poster 2. So is the limitation P2? Can P2 be “fixed” to work in this way?

D’oh! Brains not in gear…

If the demo page works fine with G3 inside Poster 1, but G3 doesn’t work inside Poster 2 on the client site… Switch out Poster 2 for Poster 1 on the client site! Not the preferred route, but a fix.

@Jannis Should P2 with G3 like P1 does? If not, Can it?

Try to put Gallery 3 inside a PHP enabler stack inside a Poster 2 item.

Ignore. Found it.

Many thanks Jannis.

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The PHP enabler is still a workaround. Actually G3 would have to be redesigned to work perfectly with P2.

Workaround is my middle name.

Along with Danger.

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