Making a Website Under 1kB

A somewhat interesting short read at / Making a Website Under 1kB

Perhaps we can set a new RW Stacks challenge based on this idea?

Interestingly, doing the same thing using Stacks with the same content, using Source, the total site file size is a miniscule 30k.

No bad at all.


He is sort of cheating with the Netlify redirects to get shortened, single character URLs IMHO. And although not using closing P tags apparently still results in validated HTML5, it hurts my eyes to read it ;)

Having spilled all the vinegar: this is an awesome feat and a very cool idea for a challenge!

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For a RW challenge, feel free to use his cheating Netifly links, which is what I did. I just coppied his text with the links.

Even in the the Source version, the additional link character is relatively insignificant.

Yeah but those Netlify links will lead to his pages though. You can’t just make up your own Netlify links without paying them (and route your traffic through them as well). That will add a call to Netflify in the routing of your data, so even though your site loads at under 1kB, the traffic it generates increases.

One could, in theory, host the data that’s on the pages behind those links in folders on the webserver, then name those folders a single letter.

So instead of href=“t” I’d link to href=“**/**t”. Redoing all the links, this example, would only add 11 bytes to the HTML. In return a certain annoying Dutch webdesigner can no longer accuse one of cheating. ;)