Making Containers consistent width in "Lawyer"

Really struggling to understand how to make containers a consistent width in the Lawyer Project. I am attaching a link to my Project File with the hope that you could take a quick look and tell me what I am missing. Sure it must be something simple…but it is eluding me. Any advice appreciated. Thank you!


Hi Doug,

You have added the different section containers within the first section container - this means that these additional containers will all be constrained by the max-width set in the parent container. If you pull these containers out of the container so that they are in their own space then things should look a lot better.

Also - noticed you have set your accent alt colour to transparent. The alt colour is used for things like button text colour so if you use a button that is set to be styled with the Accent colour then at the minute you would not see the text added. I notice you have used custom styling on your buttons - which shouldn’t generally be required if you have your base colours set up right.

Hope this helps.

Any other issues just give me a shout.


Thank you Stuart! All good and all makes sense now. Appreciate your patience.



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