Manual way to update Stacks - SOLUTION

I have received an RW8 file that I can’t open because I get the following message:
" The Stacks plugin is too old to read this file.
This file was written with newer version of Stacks.
File written with Stacks v4.2.2 (5479).
Installed version Stacks v4.1.4 (5385).
You should quit RapidWeaver without saving, update Stacks, then reopen the file."

@isaiah So my question is, if you quit RW, how do you then update Stacks? Rw7 does this every time I start it, but I can’t find any setting in RW8 to check for a Stacks update?

RW does these plugin update checks.

Or just download the latest stacks plugin version 🤫

That is what I thought too. However, my RW8 doesn’t show the update available message and I can’t find a way to force the update check.

RW menu bar -> check for updates ?

That check just checks for RW8 updates AFAIK. It doesn’t show the Stacks update for me when I use it.

That should also check for theme and plugin updates, afaik.

Hold down the ⌥ key and Check for Updates... will become Check for Addon Updates...

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So it does. Many thanks for that.