Map Stack that's not Google

Looking for a simple map stack that can more or less replicate the top map on the page above.

The bottom map is Limelight (into a Sections Pro). There are three things that keep me from using it in this case (and in other sites):

  1. Google won’t allow for setting a zoom level upon open without using their API
  2. Map pin needs to be hidden (if possible, but not a deal-killer)
  3. Prefer for the info box (upper left corner) to not be displayed

Maybe mine?

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Yes, I think yours will work. Is it possible to hide the pin in the middle of a map?

Hey @Jannis - is there a way to hide the pin? If so, I’ll purchase and update right away. Thanks!

The stack comes with up to 10 waypoints and the first one is filled in by default. If you remove the latitude and longitude from the waypoint, the pointer disappears. So yes, no pin.


Sorry @Dave responding late: as @rob.beattie says, removing all pins is possible, just tested that.


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Thanks, Rob & Jannis, for confirming. I just purchased and replaced an expensive Google map in the first site. I will update the other sites soon.

I have one client who pays over $50/month to Google (LOTS of locations and a very high traffic site). They’ll be thrilled with the savings.

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