Marathia's PM Beautifier Stack — A Rob Beattie Review

PM Beautifier Stack


Among the many new features introduced in Rapidweaver 8, you now have the option to include a privacy pop-up message on every page of your site.

It’s effective but doesn’t allow for any kind of customisation; it simply picks up the styling of whatever theme you’re using. Most of the time this is OK, but if you’re the kind of Rapidweaver user who prefers to be able to tweak their designs so everything is just so, then you should take a look at this free stack.

PM Beautifier needs to be dropped onto every page on your site in order to do its stuff, but thereafter it allows you to define a background colour to the privacy message, position the built-in button, change the font , together with its size, position and colour, add a border to the message, and even transport the whole thing to the top of the page. You can set custom link colours as well as underlining and whole the whole thing is completely intuitive.

PM Beautifier works across a wide range of themes - including theme frameworks - and we’ll be making extensive use of it on our sites. If you decide to use PM Beautifier, please consider making a donation to the developer.

Suggested price £FREE