Marathia's Spoiler Stack — A Rob Beattie Review

Spoiler Stack


This neat utility stack allows you to blur any text or images that are placed inside it which can then be revealed on mouse click.

This makes it perfect for concealing content temporarily, either because you want to prevent visitors from reading spoilers (hence the name) or answers to a quiz, or you have content that’s perhaps not safe for work and need to obtain consent before displaying it.

Basic use is simple. Add the Spoiler Stack the page and drop in any text or imagery you want to be hidden, specify the degree of blur, whether you’d like the cursor to change to a question mark or no entry sign on hover, and any tooltip text required to explain what’s going on. Preview and the content inside the Spoiler stack is blurred; it’s simple to use and very effective. We also found it was pretty forgiving of standard image stacks, sliders, thumbnail galleries and light boxes; this versatility adds to its range of uses.

As well as applying the blur to the entire contents of a stack you can also specify that only text which you’ve underlined be blurred - useful for text-based quizzes - or only text that has a specific span class applied to it. In that case you have to add the code manually like so - All the text inside this span class will be blurred until a visitor clicks on it.. And in a final trick, you can opt to hide text and images instead of blurring them out and the page will display completely redacted content until clicked.

For only €3.00 Spoiler Stack is a versatile and extremely useful little stack.