Markdown (Source) and html page extension

I have a problem in Markdown (Source) which unfortunately doesn’t allow me to use it in my pages with the default html extension.

Inserting in the pages, excluding the home page, which does not seem to happen, the Markdown (Source) transforms the extent of the page from html to php as I go from one page to another in editing.

This didn’t happen with the old versions of markdown, because I have old html pages with markdown source and they work fine, inserting a new markdown and going from one page to another I find myself here with the extension in php

Unfortunately for now I have to use the basic Markdown stack.

An update is possible that removes this drawback and leaves the page extension intact.

Thank you.

I’ll fix this behaviour in the next update. In the meantime you can get around this if you change the MD source setting to ‘Linked file’ then remove the Markdown Link stack and then change the MD Source back to ‘Stack text’.


Thank you

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