Mating Splider with a gallery? Or sliding gallery?

I thought I’d seen this done somewhere, but can’t find it.

I need to build a slider with about four square images on the screen at one time, with the whole lot sliding to the left (or right, don’t much matter). The obvious choice for this is @habitualshaker Splider. In an ideal world these images would be drawn from a thumbs folder created by @Jannis Repo2. But I can live with having to populate manually, if I must ;-)

When an image is clicked I want it opening to a gallery, which displays all the images in use. Again, ideal world the gallery would be drawn from a Repo2 folder.

I’ve got the gallery stacks from Jannis and Will, and Adams Shutter, but none seem to be able to do what I want. Anyone ideas?

To better illistrate what I want to do, go here: About | Guesthouse

Scroll down to the slider below the section titled “About The Guesthouse”. That’s Splider. I want the same look, but with a gallery opening when an image is clicked. The gallery doesn’t need to start with the image clicked, just the first image in the gallery folder.

Which makes me think… Really, I just need a gallery that can be launched from clickable link? As Splider slider items can have links applied.

Hi Stuart, let’s build this splider integration we talked about 😉


Can you do it before 4pm today?


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You can setup a grid layout in Splider to create a grid of images in each slide - see Splider grids | Shaking the Habitual Knowledge Base

So each slide should be able to link to anything such as a a Gallery


Maybe I misunderstand what you are saying, but I don’t believe any additional grids are needed. Splider has the layout I want baked in, I just need to get it to work with a gallery.

Not sure if you are any use with PHP but Splider lets you drag in one of Source’s Coder stacks as content (source not needed for Coder to work). You could have a little script in there that pulls out X image files from a folder and that builds out the needed html for the slide structure.

I 100% want this. I am working on Splider 2 just now so would be great to integrate that for sure. I’ll get it tidied up and get in touch asap!


That’s interesting, I’ll look into that.

More challenging though, and more of a must-have is the ability to launch a gallery when any of the slider sliders are clicked. Any ideas?

Did you not pull something like this together previously?

Hmm, I might have! I’m sure I did see something, but went looking and couldn’t find it. And it could have been me who made it, I don’t remember though and can’t find anything on my system!

If I did though, I’ve no idea how to do it again!

@habitualshaker @Jannis you too are THE power team. Respect!!


@habitualshaker Can you have all the spliders on a page in sync? So they all scroll at the same time?

I thought I’d used this before, but can’t for the life of me see the setting now.

As in with Autoplay? if the settings are the same for that for each Splider then they will all progress at the same time (though will get thrown out if one is interacted with).

Another way is using the URL hash value (which can be added to any individual slide). If each of your Spliders had the same number of slides and each slide in those sliders was given the same URL Hash name (as their equivalents in the other sliders) then they would all move together.

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Perfect, ta.