Matomo Analytics


So after reading a post from Joe on the Weaver Space forum I looked into this. I’m currently using Gosquared and it’s costing me a (legacy) cost of about $150 a year. Shame I renewed in January and they won’t refund anything.

Super easy set up, courtesy of Chillidogs wizard that did everything including the SQL bit, the only thing I had to do was paste the Matomo code in the head section of RW.

2 thumbs up. It’s free for the basic package and offers a lot. I’ll go into the guts of it next week but from what I’ve read it offers more than Google Analytics.

My favourite bit so far is the very comprehensive and easy UX for reporting Ad Words campaigns.



This is a section of the realtime view on the dashboard which, importantly for me, includes the Ad Words info. Great detail. Live for only an hour.


Hi Aidy

I’m cuirasses to whether GA and Matzo can co-exist.

I am suspicious of GA reporting.

I use real time chat on my site and via that I know who is visiting,from where they come and for how long they stay. The thing is GA does not always show these visitors .

I am wanting to compare Matomo and GA side by side to see if there are differences in reporting - have you ever done this? do you know if it is possible ((I suspect it is as its only code insertion after all)

Would be happy to receive others inputs on this.



If visitors are running an ad blocks then the ga or matamo’s code is blocked from executing, this could be the source of known but unlogged visitors.


Hi Paul

Good point - but would these not also interfere with the online chat facility as far as you are aware?