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So after reading a post from Joe on the Weaver Space forum I looked into this. I’m currently using Gosquared and it’s costing me a (legacy) cost of about $150 a year. Shame I renewed in January and they won’t refund anything.

Super easy set up, courtesy of Chillidogs wizard that did everything including the SQL bit, the only thing I had to do was paste the Matomo code in the head section of RW.

2 thumbs up. It’s free for the basic package and offers a lot. I’ll go into the guts of it next week but from what I’ve read it offers more than Google Analytics.

My favourite bit so far is the very comprehensive and easy UX for reporting Ad Words campaigns.


This is a section of the realtime view on the dashboard which, importantly for me, includes the Ad Words info. Great detail. Live for only an hour.

Hi Aidy

I’m cuirasses to whether GA and Matzo can co-exist.

I am suspicious of GA reporting.

I use real time chat on my site and via that I know who is visiting,from where they come and for how long they stay. The thing is GA does not always show these visitors .

I am wanting to compare Matomo and GA side by side to see if there are differences in reporting - have you ever done this? do you know if it is possible ((I suspect it is as its only code insertion after all)

Would be happy to receive others inputs on this.


If visitors are running an ad blocks then the ga or matamo’s code is blocked from executing, this could be the source of known but unlogged visitors.

Hi Paul

Good point - but would these not also interfere with the online chat facility as far as you are aware?


Sorry for the delay @paul.rowe

Matomo is a great tool with one glaring problem - it’s geographic location tool. It doesn’t really have one. This is a deal breaker for me. It reports the location by using the language of the device, not the actual location. You can supposedly add something to the program to do this but every-time i’ve tried it hasn’t worked. That’s a deal breaker for me.

Next up is these guys who I’ve heard good things about but time will tell

Really? I have a prototype stack running doing all this analysis already based on location, anonymized of course.

Just missing the frontend…


Set it up on initial install and get anonymised location info for visitors, in addition to the browser language based info.

What add on did not work for you? I’m pretty sure I used the recommended free one.

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@pmjd I tried to click the button that says 'install free version of location…" but it always comes back as ‘not available at this time’

I’ve used it for a number of years on quite a few sites and never had a problem installing the Geo IP (php) plug in, and it displays accurate locations of visitors. It even updates the free database from Maxmind automatically.

Maybe worth taking a second look if you’re happy with all the other features of Matomo?

It does do location at a country level straight out of the box but not city or finer any more since GDPR became law.
You used to be able to download the city database but it was removed.
Google analytics is the same too.

" The Default option uses the pre-1.9 method of geolocation. That is, it will guess based on a visitor’s language."

Uggh, I didn’t realise that, I thought it went off the 1st/2nd part of the ip address but I suppose thats no more accurate as it’ll get spoofed by vpn’s anyway.

How many people use VPN?

As we are here so nicely discussing: what would be your requirements for a stack solution?

Is there the need for a stack based, no database requiring solution at all?

Most people just want to know how many , from where(ish), what device and was it more or less than last week/month.
Whilst I appreciate that pro users want more they are catered for in GA etc.

What I think is needed is a very simple and instantly visually understood stack(published)
Having it modular (child stacks) would mean that a setup for the client which could show very simple results AND a setup for the dev with more detail could be easily done.


Nice. What do you want to see? I have on my list:

  • Geo location based on anonymous IP
  • hashed IP of visitor
  • Language of browser
  • Browser Agent, Device, OS, etc.
  • Visited URL, referrer URL

What do you need in terms of authentication of the “admin” page? Would you like to see an own login, or instead use something like Pagesafe or Sitelok?

Does it need to be on a separate page? If I’ve got an existing admin page from the likes of TotalCMS then I might want to see some basic stats there whenever I login.
I can see the point of a dedicated page but I’d also like the above.

If you allow for a use login yes/no then it would make using the likes of PageSafe/Sitelock a doddle. All we’d have to do is turn your analytics password feature off and use our existing one.

Had a quick look, I’m using the GeoIP Legacy (php) and the address for the IP database is

Hope that helps.