Mega Menu: Limelight or PopDrop

Hey @tav, in your opinion, what is the better option if I want to recreate something along the lines of the Mega Menu stack ( )

My specific use case: I’m doing a site for someone who has a few services (drone videos, video production) as well as a series of podcasts. They want a mega menu - not because they have so many pages but because they want to be able to have images, specifically for their podcasts.

I sampled a Mega Menu demo as I had it in my library already and he really likes it but now I’m finding it a bit limiting if you try to add other stacks in (there seem to be styling wars going on) so I want to see if I recreate it with different stacks.

I’ll send you a demo URL via PM but curious, generally, if PopDrop or Limelight would be better suited?

Edit: Also, I presume if I were to take this approach I’d need to do a regular menu and a mobile menu and show/hide via Agent or something?

I think you’ll get closer to the mega menu look and feel with PopDrop - i use it in my Nav bar on the Source page (here) and although i just have a button group in it it could have whatever stacks you like.

(I do notice though that I need to change the min-width of the popdrop toggle as the nav links are jumping!)

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I like this one:

or the one on the Learn button (scroll to make it appear) here:

or even the animated graphical one here:

oh wait - I haven’t released MenuLab on this timeline. I think I’ve gone through some sort of temporal anomaly.


on a serious note - feel free to send it to me.

There is a Limelight Menu stack (akin to the PopDrop one) which you can have if you decide LL is the way forward.

My personal opinion is that it is swings and roundabouts on the choice between PopDrop or Limelight. Neither was really designed for the job but both can do it.

ButtonPlus dropdowns can also go full width if you want to.

Lol, I thought I showed good restraint in not bringing up menulab

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I need to switch to your timeline. Please advice :-)

You need the machine they used in Into the Spiderverse, then you can see the alternate reality where MenuLab exists and, ultimately, saved Brexit.

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The machine? Easy. Save the Brexit? Please keep realistic! :-)

Ha! Then this would just remain as a bad dream with BoJo as main character and May as secondary role? Unbelievable!