Menu stack with cms

Hello, I have a client with a restaurant who want to change his menu daily - I tried it with easy cms but its realy no options since it all text and no lay-out-
Is there a better way?

Or a other online service for the Menu?

Can you give us more details about the menu? Is it a document that you need displayed? Or does the client need to log in and be able to edit the ext on the page?

In terms of an online menu manager, I’ve used this for a few clients…

Source and Markdown link

Your client creates the “menu”, including images, in applications such as Typora and saves the file in a folder on his website (including images), the file will be read by Markdown link.

Thx for the reply ~ going to test it out…

The client want to be able to login and add or delete product weekly or even every day - the structure Starters Main Dessert Drinks will stay the same…

Well that script I linked to above does that, and is really easy to use.

Failing that, there are any number of simple CMS solutions for RW. What theme or framework is the site build with?

If your customer is able to change a word, generate a pdf, and upload this, that might be easier than a CMS.

Ok thx I will discuss both options with her…

If you are using Foundry, I use Alloy for this at:

They can use the online editor to change the menus.

So, this has more advantages than Easy CMS?

I do not know Easy CMS that much. I suppose not but if it is the Foundry framework than it might fit as well.

No I think there are differences - have a look of what I have now with easy CMS

I do not think alloy would give a better result
The client wants
The price aligned to the right and the products left.
If I do it in columns on mobile the prices come under the items…
I have bought PriceThing and Price List - both do a great job but have no possibility for cms (I think)

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Your best bet is to use a table for the layout, that allows for stacks to be added to each field. Then add a text stack to each field and to that add one of the various CMS editing options. 1LD Quick Editor springs to mind.

You could also do as you suggest and use a column stack, just set it to “not stack” on smaller screens.

I agree with @TemplateRepo that a table is the best option. That way you could keep the graphic backdrop too.

Perhaps a bit off topic and unsolicited, but I’ve noticed that there are a few typos on the site (“iedereengedacht”, “dekaart”, “brassersie”, “liter fles”). Might want to look into that before going ahead.


I reckon this could be done with Weavium’s G Sheet - a very powerful way to edit complex layouts from an online Google Spreadsheet.

Little bit of a learning curve but not too bad if you put some time aside to focus. Once the layout is done, all your client has to do is put new recipes, prices and I believe images into the spreadsheet. Changes to the menu are instant.

No menu examples but this link will show other examples which should give a good idea: Gsheet Examples | My Website

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