Meta Tags From Older Site Still Present

I have a site I built using Source and Webdeersign’s Project 23. I had copied that site to produce a new one, but still seem to have some remaining meta tags that won’t change.

Mainly the Description, Twitter Title, OG Title, OG Description have the old information. I have changed everything on the Meta Tag tab, and there Is really nothing in Code tab.

Is there something I may have missed on this? Something that may be changing the metas?

Not exactly sure what you meant by “copied” but assuming you duplicated an existing project file and published to a new server, make sure to:

Check page code for tag information.

Delete server files so you start off with a clean slate.

“Republish all files” in RW and upload.

Yes it was me duplicating an existing project, changing things, and publishing to a new server.

I did not see anything page code. I have republished all files several times, but have not deleted the server files. I will try that next.

Love the project files you produce. I have been using them in almost all of my sites now.

That solved the problem! Thanks again for all of your help. I appreciate it.

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Good news and glad you got it sorted.

I make a point of deleting the server contents and also my local publish folder just before I upload a live site. It can be surprising how many unused folders and files build up in the local publish folder during development.

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