Metadata in images

Does anyone know if there is a stack (or a way) to show an image’s meta data along with the image?


Which? EXIF or IPTC?

No! t sure.
Screenshot 2020-02-13 at 8.03.44 am|152x500 But I mean this type of thing in the attachment. Under the Get Info menu.

Nick Cates just released the PhotoPro stack that does this. It’s extremely comprehensive. See

He’s created a video tutorial that details the meta data features which can even create a Google map of where the image was taken.

Thanks David. I hadn’t thought to look at that. I knew about the release too! lol

Where does this data come from? Do you maintain it manually?

Gallery Stack 3 already is able to display IPTC data a long time. IPTC data is different from EXIF data.

David: Ive just bought it only to discover that altho it displays a lot of the categories of the “Get Info” window (Get info being an easy way for me to describe what I mean) it doesnt do “descriptions”

Jannis: The photos I want to put up are historical photos that have been scanned and someone has entered “descriptions” info about the photograph into the Get Info window and that is actually want want it to display

Please send me some of your pictures as a download-able link with this information included, either here or in a DM. I will check over the weekend the file structure, see if it is IPTC data (most probably it is), see if Gallery Stack is able to display it, and also tell you how to change that data by yourself (again, if IPTC).


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Thanks Jannis. Appreciate it. I’ll put a couple on Dropbox and PM you. :)

Being able to use that Description could be very useful. Some users may be comfortable with adding and editing the description within their photo system, and then those images could be used to feed the text into a CMS system. So the photographer could bulk upload photos to a directory via FTP or a stack like Repository and the Description could be displayed on the gallery page for that image.

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Sure this is possible already.

I see that I am missing in my documentation how to edit the IPTC data.
There are different tools available for this, starting with Apple Photos (inbuild!), ending with Adobe or Affinity or other image editing applications.

Still there are people thinking that editing a txt file in a folder is easier for storing captions…

Thanks, will check them the next days 😃