Microblog stack not previewing - SOLVED

Anyone using this successfully with RW8.17?

Will’s currently on leave but I’d be interested to know if anyone here has it running successfully.



What’s giving you the idea it does not work?

If you have a test page, I am happy to check it for errors.

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The web site is working fine. It’s when I try and preview it in RW8.17.

I’ve created a site using Michael David’s Paramount theme and when I upgraded it to RW8, I started to have problems previewing. Here’s what happens.

  1. Load the new RW8 project

  2. Click on a page in Edit mode

  3. Preview it in RW8 (I see the ‘Generating preview’ message)

  4. All good.

  5. I can preview all the other pages on the site, except the page that uses the Microblog stack (I know it won’t preview the actual page, but it doesn’t display anything - no banner image, menu, nothing)

  6. After trying to preview the Microblog page I’m then unable to preview any of the other pages and the ‘Generating preview’ message doesn’t appear. I also can’t preview them in a web browser.

  7. If I close RW8 and re-load it, I can preview pages again - unless I try and preview the Microblog page, at which point the whole thing starts over again.

I should also add that Microblog has been working fine up until now. It’s live on these two sites

No problems at all.

I’d be really interested to know if anyone has the Microblog stack working on either RW7.6 or RW8.17 on Mojave. I have a few blogs running using this set up and since my upgrade to Mojave and RW8 I can’t preview any page with this stack on it. And it exhibits the behaviour described above.



It’s apparently to do with Tumblr’s cack-handed implementation of GDPR. The stacks4stacks site makes it clear that servers inside the EU will have a problem displaying the blog but it wasn’t clear to me that this also affects the Preview used by RW.

So, if you’re a user previewing the Microblog page in the UK, you’ll get the fault I described above.

This can be fixed if you have access to a VPN. I’ve now set one up that spoofs RW into thinking I’m outside the EU and the Microblog preview - and all the other pages - now work properly again.

It’s a shame because this is a really elegant way to get a Tumblr blog on your site. But at least it’s working and I hope this helps anyone else who experiences problems.