MiniCookie creates problems for Poster2

I have a problem with MiniCookie (same problem with Cookie Manager).
The mistake is this:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '"', expecting '-' or identifier (T_STRING) or variable (T_VARIABLE) or number (T_NUM_STRING) in /private/var/folders/5h/gl_tz7jd72bbplrzzxgm5zrw0000gn/T/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8/RapidWeaver/32540/document-0x7fa7b445f3a0/RWDocumentPagePreview/blog/index.php on line 653

Any suggestions?

Everything worked perfectly with Poster1.
I hope to solve the problem, Poster and MiniCookie are fantastic stacks, and I often use Minicookie or CookieManager inside Poster.
Thanks for your help.

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This most probably will not work anymore.

Please send me a small demo project with all related stacks, and I will see what I can do.

I agree - Cookie Manager (@willwood) is an extremely useful stack to manage GDPR compliance, and Poster with it’s flexibility to display any stacks/ content is also a main player on my website. Like you, I am using the combination with Poster 1, it would be a pity, if we cannot get it to work with Poster 2.

Thanks for ‘blazing the way’, I am not far enough with my own exploration to have run into this issue, but I will based on your experience …

That’s incorrect. Poster Stack is not able to display any content or any stack, only stacks which are compliant with it. There also have been stacks, which not worked with Poster 1.

Any stacks doing PHP execution will not work in Poster 2 when placed inside the items directly and execute PHP inside the items.

If the PHP execution is done outside the items based on HTML code inside the items, it will work.

Yes, difficult to explain. As an end user you will not know what’s in detail happening. I am not able to test my stacks agains all 1000 other stacks out there, I hope this is understandable.

I can imagine that server side PHP scripts can be in conflict with the new rendering engine and the new template functionality. For a regular user, it is not easy to know in advance what will work and what not, but it’s good to know about this potential conflict. We can be aware of it and try things out slowly. If all attempts fail, there is still Poster 1 … ;)

For example your RWML usage. I was never aware someone used it in the way you did in Poster 1. Luckily it worked there, I would never have expected such a complex stacks works inside Poster 1. If it is also working in Poster 2, great, even better! Please let me know if it works. Unfortunately, this is a wide range, and I cannot guarantee anything in regards to 3rd party stacks. Exactly this nesting of stacks is what decreases the performance.

Same with cookie manager. If RWML works in Poster 2 (so displaying or hiding content dependent on some outer conditional), then the cookie manager could also work, when adapted to Poster 2.

Bottom line: I see that displaying HTML content based on a cookie setting makes sense. If this cookie manager would be used inside the template, I have good hope it will direcly work. Of course this is something completely different than inside the item itself.

Grazie per il supporto,
capisco perfettamente che non è facile creare un prodotto perfetto e brillante come Poster2 e che si potrebbero creare problemi con altri prodotti/stack di terze parti (sarebbe impossibile testarli tutti), anche perche il problema potrebbe essere dello stack di terze parti.
Minicookie mi è utile per visualizzare o nascondere nel post un video o commento se prima si accettano le condizioni.
Ti ho inviato un progetto tipo.
Grazie per una possibile soluzione.

Thanks for the support,
I understand perfectly that it is not easy to create a perfect and brilliant product like Poster2 and that problems could arise with other third-party products / stacks (it would be impossible to test them all), also because the problem could be with the third-party stack.
Minicookie is useful for displaying or hiding a video or comment in the post if the conditions are accepted first.
I sent you a typical project.
Thanks for a possible solution.

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Hi Jannis, I can’t find anchor at Poster Top, is there still in poster2?
It is very useful.

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See Scroll Animations -> Scroll to Detail Top

Found it, thanks.
I was looking for link to …
and instead I had it under my eyes … I need a pair of glasses.

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I was able to make Poster 2 compatible with Mini Cookie (and other PHP stacks).

If you want to have a test version (and are already a customer), let me know.



Poster 2.4 released now.

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Thanks, great job.

Wonderful --> Enhance Search (Summary Content)