Mobile site getting hijacked? - <RESOLVED>

I was recently asked to redesign a website for an existing site that was created a long time ago by my new client’s father-in-law. Once the site was completed, I logged into his Homestead account and redirected the nameservers for both domains from Homestead to DreamHost. So far so good.

If someone pulls up either site on a desktop, the new site usually comes up. I say usually because sometimes the old site does (I guess propagation is taking a really long time - I moved the nameservers 24 hours ago). But, regardless, if a person pulls the URL up on a mobile phone, my new site comes up - but it’s rendered in something called…it’s basically my site made to work on a 1990s flip phone.

The owner is trying to get to the bottom of what Duda is - and the customer support at Homestead is virtually non-existent.

I checked with DreamHost - but they recommended a 3rd party consulting company that requires an upfront $300 to diagnose any issues. WHT?

If seems that if the nameservers are pointed to DreamHost, that should resolve to my site, right? Or, am I missing something?

Any suggestions?

Site should look like the screenshot below…

I finally got through to tech support at the original host. It was a caching issue on their end. Tech support took care of the issue and within a half an hour, the mobile site was resolving fine.

BTW - thanks to @Webdeersign. This project landed in my lap on Friday afternoon. The client was desperate for a new site to be up and running very fast. Short on time, I purchased one of his projects and customized it just a bit. I’m very happy with the way it turned out - and in record time.


Great. Glad you got a solution so quickly.