Moving Box is not showing the actual size of an image

I have Moving Box in a BluePrint One inside of the contentside of Sidebar
In Firefox Moving Box is just showing small thumbnails.
I have “preload” selected to the actual size of the images.
What am I doing wrong or what do I need to do, to let MB display the correct size of the slide?

Resize the browser and it works.

Sidebar is CSS only (i.e there is no Javascript setting the height of the column or delays).

yes, but how should I tell that the website user?

What I am saying is that SideBar does not cause delays on loading which could affect Moving Box when it calculates its height and size.

Perhaps MovingBox is just not compatible with a FlexBox CSS container?

I’ve posted that on the WS thread - lets see if Joe can cast any light on it.

… did that already, too ;o)
Thanks Andrew

I started rebuilding the page and exchange MB with LL altough touch support is missing there …
and the client would like to have touch support …

what about if you try MovingBox in a normal Foundation column instead of SideBar - does that make it work in Firefox?

That seems to work …

@HARRY Could you please send me that stack arrangement in a project file. I just need the SideBar and its contents (Moving Box, BluePrint, Target etc). Please just put them in a new project file and email then to me.


It is on it’s way

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