Moving from SMB to external host

I am moving several sites from an internally-hosted server to our fully managed VPS server at DreamHost. All is going well, with one exception. If I open a site file up without being connected to our internal server (via SMB), the RW file refuses to open.

  • I warehouse almost everything, but I’ve changed all of the URLs from the internal server to the DreamHost URL - and checking the code with Espresso shows that none of the old URLs are in the website any longer
  • Under Settings, I’ve removed or updated anything I can find that referenced the internal server and/or URL (web Address, export location, etc.)

Any idea on what I can do to get rid of the alert box? I must be overlooking something. At some point the internal server will be shut down, at which point it will be impossible for me to connect to it via SMB.


If you know what you do, have a look inside the RW project file (right mouse click -> show content) in finder.

Inside the main .plist file, you most probably find (unused?) resource file paths pointing to the SMB.

It’s worth a try at least…

Many thanks, @Jannis! Indeed, it was a left-over path from a previous publishing method which I removed when I added the panel for DreamHost. I deleted it and all is working great now. So- thank you!!

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