Moving items on UIKit navbar

I’d like to fix it so the navbar items on the right and left are a little further away from their respective sides. All I can think of is:

#tm-navbar {
	padding-right: 30px;
	padding-left: 30px;

Is there a better way to do it, or is that about right?


Hi Doug,

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In UIKit, I’ve found that if you want to control general width and height with padding, it helps to enclose your element in a Container (for width) and a Section (for height).

  1. Drop a Section on the page (for max height/vertical padding).
  2. Drop a Container in the Section (for max width/horizontal padding).
  3. Drop your navbar in the Container.


Your rule look fine but Navbar already has a padding setting at Navbar branding custom settings.

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Or… Drop a margin in and make it a ‘drop zone’ then select ‘custom’ as the type and pad away to your hearts content :-)

Edit: I’m meaning general padding here, not the navbar… More in reply to Martens (perfectly valid) suggestions above…

Of course it does. I somehow missed that. :(

Thanks, @Lucas.