Need a gallery that can sort by image tags

I’m about to embark on a new build for a client, they want to have one big gallery that they can upload their images too, somehow giving them tags, then on the web page have a way for users to sort them, pretty much like a blog works.

I have both @willwood Gallery Pro and @Jannis Gallery3, and both can handle reading from an FTP folder. I have Repo by @Jannis so that’s the user upload side of things sorted, but can either of these galleries do the sorting thing?

Or, is there an alternative that can?

No sorting on my side. Maybe with Will’s filter stack?

Will will know better, but don’t think that will work with photos added via something like Repo.

But, I am wondering now if one of Wills search stacks will work in conjunction of one of the gallery stacks? Not really how the tags would be added to the photos though, so I’m maybe clutching a bit here!

With Jannis’s Gallery you can have multiple galleries mixed within each other so you could have 4 folders (or as many as you want) that the user could upload to via repository and then have multiple instances of the gallery stack on the public page that contain different arrangements of the source folders.
Folders a,b,c and d
Folders a and b
Folders b and d etc.

If each folder was one of the tags they require then all they have to do is put the right image in the right folder, it won’t ‘sort’ but it will appear to filter. Each gallery in an Limelight with an LL menu to switch between them.
I’m doing something similar with TotalCMS galleries as my sources and Gallery3 here (site still in development) if you reload the page you’ll see that not only are the 4 gallery’s mixed but they’re randomly mixed.


Ohh, that idea has legs. Nice one :-)

Where would the filter criteria need to come from?

My solution fakes the filter by having multiple gallerys, each with a subset of the ‘ALL’ one. Clicking one of the icons triggers Limelight to display a particular gallery.
As all the thumbnails are loaded at page load there is no loading/reloading when switching between the LL’s

Hi Will, that’s the question!

I suspect it will need to come from the image title, but it’ll need to be smart as there will be multiply images.

So for instance, images called chocolate.jpg will be returned in the filter for chocolate. But, there will obviously need to be more than one image per filter. So, the images will need to be called chocolate-1.jpg, chocolate-2.jpg, chocolate-3.jpg and so on. Them the filter will need to know filter by file name but strip out the “-x” bit. Which I suspect is completely impossible. So some other way to filter will need to be employed!

I never said it was going to be easy ;-)

Stripping bits from file names is easy - some stacks like PlayLister and ProGallery already do this. So if you upload a directory of files to use, we can remove the the sequential numbering and file extensions - and reuse the remainder as titles or captions.

Like you say, turning that into a logical format to search or filter would be more problematic. If you filter by ‘chocolate’ it would return everything. You would probably need some-type of other defining attribute from the images, to improve the resolution of searching / filtering capabilities.