Need a Points 2 type solution for IE11

I presume Points 2 doesn’t play nicely with IE 11. If that’s the case, does anyone know of a similar stack that I can use in its place?

On this page (pw = SCDIAG) is the start of an embedded map (cities have not been added yet). It works great in all modern browsers, but not in IE11, which is imperative for this client.

I also added Points2 to two other pages (Home >> Home1 >> Click Our Locations - it opens up in a Limelight; and Home >> Home-2 - it’s on the page by itself) - neither page works in IE11.

Stacks4stacks has the free Hotspot

and paid Hotspots Pro stack

Hotspots says it’s compatible with IE, so presume Hotspots Pro is too.

Many thanks, Paul. I had a look at Will’s stack. I think it will work, but I’m also thinking that @joeworkman’s original Points works with IE 11 (my initial test indicates it will). If so, I’ll go with it. If not, it’s great to have a fall-back. Cheers, Dave

I’ve stopped supporting IE 11 altogether now. Just too many restrictions imposed on how I want my sites to work.

Even Microsoft has given up on IE 11.

Understood. I have some sites that I no longer worry whether or not IE 11 functions or not.

I keep an eye on how each of my sites are used- my medical imaging sites are still primarily visited with desktops/laptops - and over 12% of all visitors are still using IE11. With thousands of unique visitors each month, that’s too many to ignore.