Need Advice on moving RW6 project from one computer to another

Hi Everyone,

In advance, I’ll say I built my website in RW, but I’m not an expert by any means, and right now I’m lost.
I have a old RW6 website on an 2009 iMac (10.9 Maverick) that I want to retire, and move it to my laptop then update, which is running my main website with RW8. I’ve looked for every instruction I can find, but the organization of the old mac and RW6 seems quite different, and I’m pretty confused.
If I just move the RW6 website sandwich file and the theme , will it then automatically prompt me to open and update to RW8, Stacks 3 etc, all of which are on the laptop, or do I need to go in the backend and copy lots of little pieces? If so, where can I find the folders for Addons, Plugins and stacks? Button on top left of RW6 shows me all of them, but I cannot find them on the HD. Nothing comes up in the finder by those names. I think my RW8 website is actually using many of the same apps that the old site uses. (Also, there’s the “Export Site” command. will that somehow do it?) Thanks for your help!

The project sandwich file is the website.
When you open it in 8 it will make a copy and update that to rw8

As for the theme stacks etc. on the old o outer reveal in finder and copy them to another folder which you can move to your laptop.

Double click them to install in rw8.

For some things you may need your serial numbers.

Thanks, Scott. I’m not sure what to click on for “Reveal in Finder”. That’s control key and click, but what do I click on? Nothing comes up when I click on the project file and select reveal in finder.

In RW open the add-ons I think the option is in there. Or in the stacks library pane, select a stack, then at the bottom click the little gear and it’s there also

Scott, The Addons page gear only leads to a page to buy new Addons, not a folder of the ones I’m using, and the stacks gear is just the stacks elements, not the stacks I actually bought and use in the site. The elements I assume will all be there in Stacks 3 which is on my laptop.
So the mystery is…where is the folder with all my Addons? The Addons window nicely shows everything I"m using, but not where it is on the HD. I appreciate your help!

Oh wait! You said click on a stack, then go to the gear. Yes, it opened the stacked folder! Many thanks! don’t know where the folder is located, but I can copy the contents. Is there anything else I need to move?

If you go to that folder that holds the stacks and just transverse up a couple levels you will see that it is actually within the add-ons
The add-on’s contains the themes plugins (including Stacks) and the stacks themselves. I’m on mobile right now or I’d give you. Screen shot, but if you look in finder, you will see how it’s structured

Thanks Scott. I copied the whole RW folder from the “Applications Support” folder. I assume everything I need is in there. not sure what’ll happen when I copy it all over to my laptop, but that’s an adventure for another day. Very nice of you to help, thank you.