Need some help digging out a css class

Go here: and scroll down to the calendar. Click one of the arrows in the month name panel to change to a different month. See the flash panel that appears with the blue background and the spinner as the new month loads. I need to change the blue background, but cus it appears so quickly, I can use the usual methods to get the class.

Anyone help?

.abLoader {background-colour: your-colour !important;}

Tried this…

{background-colour: #ebebeb !important;

But no worky :-(

EDIT: Ignore… Color not colour!

Thanks Geoff, appreciate it.

@Geoff could you possible get the class for the spinner and the text too?

(Not sure if the spinner is cutomisable)

It’ not the UIkit3 spinner, it’s one in the script.

The spinner id is #abLoader_2 with a class of abLoader

The message is inside that with a class of abLoaderMessage

Changing the text is not readily do able but you could fiddle it with some creative CSS. Not sure what you want to do though.

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