Need some help from a WP dev with experience of real estate plugins

An estate agent friend of mine in Spain has a WP site with a real estate plugin. His present developer has gone AWOL, so I’m trying to give him some pointers.

If there is anyone here with WP and real estate plugin experience, can you get in touch via a PM and then have a look at the site and see if you can tell me which plugins you think are in use?

I’m not going to take the site on for him, but wanted to arm him with as much info as needed for when he finds a new dev.

It is likely that he either has signed up to one of the big players who provide a theme with the backend system integrated into the theme. If this is the case he will be paying a large aount of money to them every month.

Otherwise he will be logging into WP to add/edit/etc the properties and he will be able to see the name of the CRM property system “plug-in” such as Hive. if he can login to WP he may be able to see all of the plug-ins.

If you “View Page Source” on a WordPress site, you can usually search the html for “plugins” and find out what is active on that page. Obviously easier if you just login to the WordPress dashboard. If you need some help though, I have built and managed a few Real Estate sites in WordPress, and would be happy to take a quick look!

Thanks folks, sorted now.