Need some help processing some images

I’ve been sent some images, .jpg, that (in theory) I just need to batch process in Afinity Photo before adding to an online store. Only, there is summit a bit odd with the images.

This is one example…

It has a .jpg extension, but when I drop it into Photo it’s got a trans background, which I didn’t think was poss with a jpeg, only something like a png.

Is this really a png that someone has just changed the extension for?

Also, it’s got a resolution of 300 which is resulting in huge file sizes. I need to lower this to around 72-140, but that massively reduces the size.

I’m reasonably good with images but haven’t quite come across this issue before.


Weirdly, sending that image thru the forum adds a background, so here is that same photo as I have it, with the trans BG.

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From the info attached to the photo it looks like this was made with Windows-based Photoshop CS5 – specifically for print. Then, someone just changed the extension from PSD to JPG.

If I were you, I would just load it into Photoshop (or other image editor), edit it for web and export as PNG (if you want transparency) or as JPEG.


Brill. Thanks for digging that out.

Top advice from @fapkogi as a PSD in disguise will work in some browsers but not others causing much confusion when you try to find out why.