New: AdblockDetector Stack

For those of you rely on ads to finance their site (or even more than just their site), ad blockers can be a pain in the back. No ads, no clicks, no money, right?

AdblockDetector Stack

With my new AdblockDetector Stack you can detect if a visitor has an ad blocker installed. If so, you can take one of the several possible actions this stack offers: ask them if they would like make an exception for your site and explain why and how to do that (in different ways) or even redirect people to another page (although that may be a little too aggressive in most cases).

If you are showing ads on your site, you may want to take a closer look on the AdblockDetector product page or the demo pages to see it in action.

As usual, as a member of this forum, you can get a 25% discount* on this new stack. Just visit the product page, use the add to cart button (not the buy now with PayPal button!) to add the EasyButtons Stack to your cart and enter the discount code AD25OFF in the designated field.

Hope you like it!

*This offer expires June 26, 2019, 00:00:00 GMT -7 (MST/PDT)


I don’t run ads on any of my sites, so no use to me, but well bloody done for producing a much needed and above all else DIFFERENT stack.

Too many “devs” releasing largely gash stacks of late that do the same thing a million that went before do.

Good to see there are still a few proper devs in the RW scene.

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Cool. All I can say is raise your prices, 6€ is to cheep IMHO…

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Goed gedaan Jeroen, onmiddellijke aankoop / instant purchase 🙂