New Caffeine Injection site built in UIkit3

Thought I’d share this with the other Uikit3 users, it’s my main website business site, Caffeine Injection. Previously using Foundry as the base, now with Uikit3 at its core, along with a healthy smattering of Big White Duck stacks.

As with all my sites UIkit3 has been pushed in different directions with plenty of custom CSS so some elements don’t behave as a UIkit user might expect.

Previously the site was one big project, totally about 4000 files, which as you can imagine meant a full publish took forever!

This time around I’ve split the site over two projects… The “main site” at about 300 files and then the other bit, at about 3000 files. The reason for this is because 90% of edits take place on the “main site” so it makes sense to keep the size of this project as small as possible. The other bit is updated rarely, so the size and publish times are that important.

I’m being a bit coy about the parts of the site in each project as I’m curious to see if anyone can spot them. Hopefully not! If anyone can spot it, leave a comment! There are some pretty big clues that giveaway which page is in which project, but I’m hoping the transition between the two projects is pretty seamless.

Should add, there is still a lot of tuning to do on some sections and pages, which will get done at some point, but I needed to get this update out the door to get on with paying work!


I just perused most of the site using my phone- it’s outstanding! Everything looks fantastic, your message is spot-on, and it loads fast. Oh, and the menu is so much nicer than he one that comes with Foundation (what is it?). It works like a menu should work on mobile devices. 😄

The menu is a real mixture, there is actually three in total. The regular NavBar, the Off Canvas mobile stack and one I made myself.

The menu system has been the hardest part of the site, it’s taken hours to get it right, but I’m finally happy with it. Hopefully it’s pretty seamless as you move from one project to the other.

(Edited, as the post last night was a bit misleading… Tired!)

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Looks really good Steve! Nice work.

Edit: how’s your experience been with the PHPJabber scripts? Looks like you’ve got at least one in your addons. I havent had the occasion to use them yet but I’ve been tempted to buy a couple when their sales come up

Never had an issue with them. Their scripts can be a bit clunky, but in terms of functionality, it’s all there. The built in styling options are a bit pants too, but a bit of css sorts most things. I regularly use their store, hire and booking script. And I’m about to start using their accom rental script too.

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