New "Frag" Stack


Today we released our first totally new stack in over a year “Frag”…
We are offering an early bird launch price (for a limited time only currently accessible from this link).
See a demo of Frag in action here:


Interesting stack. I checked the demo on an iPhone6 and the different examples all seem similar if not the same in portrait mode. Also the landscape light box images appear to be as small as the thumbnail images. Can they be enlarged to fill the screen?

That’s the way I set them up in the demo. You can show as many thumbnails as you like for each breakpoint (desk, tablet,mobile) and the demo has them all set to only show one on mobile (my personal preference).

No the images are as large in the Lightbox as they can be. Again my own personal preference is to see some white space around the images in the Lightbox as opposed to filling the entire screen. There will always be a situation on tiny screens that a light boxed image can be smaller than the thumbnail as there can always be a situation where the thumbnail can actually be larger than the screen on these tiny screens.


Nice to see you back with a bang, Gary!


In the case of displaying on a smartphone, can you disable the lightbox? I personally do not like to see an image in a lightbox which is as big as the thumbnail on the normal page (in case I decide to show one image in the normal page, of course)…

I just bought it of course (can’t wait for another buy-all-stacks if you keep pushing one stack a year).

-> Feature request: Please let us hide the pagination dots.

If the Lightbox were disabled, there would be no way to see any of the hidden images. Seems counter productive with this particular stack.

> Feature request: Please let us hide the pagination dots.

I plan to incorporate a few settings to control the Lightbox appearance soon.

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Warehousing compatibility for this stack ??

No… Drag & Drop to add images.

I bought Frag before checking if warehousing was possible. I don’t use non warehoused images at all, so Frag will go in the Disabled Stacks folder.

I find it hard to believe that image stacks without a warehousing option are still released.

Edit: It does seem to work though if I drop Foundation image stacks in there and warehouse them.

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It will look for and find any images that are present in the drop zone when the page loads. How you get them there is entirely up to you. But it was designed with the native Stacks drag and drop regular old images from your finder into the drop zone as the primary method.

I just pushed out an update to v1.0.2

  • New colour picker to set the modal colour and opacity.

  • New colour picker to set the modal controls colour.

  • New option to hide pagination dots in modal.

  • Bug fix, increased z-index height of modal.


Thank you very much for the quick update!

It would be cool if there were a possibility to either:
be able to place the close button on the left or click anywhere outside of the picture to close the Lightbox.
The close button is at the exact same place as my “Menu hamburger” and it won’t close…
Otherwise, very cool Stack!

Is this using the updated version 1.0.2? Where I increased the z-index of the Lightbox. It had been a tad low in 1.0.1
If so, can I get a link to a live example. I’d like to fix this.

I just pushed out version 1.0.3 that adds this ability. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have this ability, but I’d still like to address the issue of your hamburger appearing over the Lightbox if possible. Nothing should show over the Lightbox really.

Version 1.0.3:

  • New setting to position the Close"X" buuton in the lightbox.

  • Moved the stack into the normal Doobox group in the library.

  • Changed a subtitle of the colour settings: “Items” > “Controls”

  • Tweaked the stack icon design.

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Bought this straight away as Doobox stacks are generally what RW is all about. Easy to use and It makes me look like i know what I’m doing. There’s no learning curve and the results look great. That’s all i want for £6.99 :)

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Hi Gary,
Thank you very much for the update!
I made you a test file to check but I don’t think there is much one can do…you’ll see here:

Thanks again!

Ah, sorry, I don’t have the theme and probably none of the other stacks used, to test your file here.
A live example is all that’s required for me to see what the issue is.

Sent you a link.