NEW FREE: Source and UIKit3 Projects - Ecwid Online Ordering for Food Service businesses affected by COVID-19

Hi everyone,

Continuing my support for the Food Service industry, I am including several one page Online Ordering projects with the free Axyn Ecwid Stacks for the Food Service Industry affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Here is a demo of this simple project:

This project will soon be included with the zip file of the free Axyn Ecwid Stacks.

If you have received the download link, please redownload it in tomorrow to get this new project included, in addition to a new improved UIKit3 project.




Ricardo, I am assuming the Axyn Ecwid stacks can be used in any framework-Foundation for example. However is your simple, one-page demo project Source-only? Can it be converted to Foundation? If so, how? We are all scrambling to try to help our local restaurants, food trucks and farmers do take-out and weekly food order pickups, but I am a Foundation user, so I need to understand more.

Hi @Jody,

Yes, the Axyn Ecwid Stacks can be used with any framework. I have tested it with UIKit3, Source, Foundation and Foundation6. I’m working on a Foundation6 project sample to be included with the Stacks as well. The people your trying to help, are exactly the reason I did this. I do include a foundation example project with the stacks.



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Hello @Jody,

I threw together a quick Multistore site so that you can see a proof of concept, just go to the Axyn Ecwid Stacks page, there’s a button there that links to it. It’s a work in progress…



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Great Ricardo, thank you. Just to recap my understanding:

  1. One Website hosted on my server, created in RW/Foundation.
  2. Home Page with blocks for each individual vendor. When you click on the block, it jumps to a unique RW page for that vendor with a unique Ecwid store ID.
  3. Vendor FoodTruck’s RW page would have photos of their offerings. This is still in RW?
  4. When an offering is clicked on IT THEN JUMPS TO THE ECWID STORE PAGE? While seeming to stay in the RW project.

For example your Rumors wine page showing several bottles with individual prices is part of the RW project:

However when you click on an individual bottle you then jump to the Ecwid store. At least this is what I can tell from the Develop menu. Correct?

  1. It is in the ECWID store page that vendors go to do the CMS.

Is that workflow correct?

  1. yes
  2. yes
  3. page is RW. Photos, cart etc part of the store (it’s very seamless)
  4. see #3, no jumping, it’s integrated and seamless…
  5. there is no CMS, it’s the Ecwid store, and they go the the store dashboard, which could be considered as a “CMS”…

Hello everyone ,

Here it is! two new UIKit3 and Source projects showing how simple and quick it is to setup an Ecwid Store using the Axyn Ecwid Stacks. These example show you how to start with just ONE stack, two stacks, and then with lots customizations

Here they are:

Have fun and let’s help the food industry worldwide!!