New free stack: Headless Stack

Hi guys,

I have a new free stack available. I won’t promote it much, as it only has a very limited use case.
You are able to react on a users scroll and show or hide a fixed header, e.g. Foundation, Foundry, Bootstrap 4, @yuzoolthemes Navigation Stack, etc. Therefore I asked for themes with a fixed navigation.

I have build this for my own website, and it is a port from, so I will quote:

Why use it?

Fixed headers are a popular approach for keeping the primary navigation in close proximity to the user. This can reduce the effort required for a user to quickly navigate a site, but they are not without problems…

Large screens are usually landscape-oriented, meaning less vertical than horizontal space. A fixed header can therefore occupy a significant portion of the content area. Small screens are typically used in a portrait orientation. Whilst this results in more vertical space, because of the overall height of the screen a meaningfully-sized header can still be quite imposing.

Headroom.js allows you to bring elements into view when appropriate, and give focus to your content the rest of the time.

It currently does not have a documentation, I hope it’s quire self explanatory. I hope it might help the one or the other.



Cheers, Jannis


That’s a neat and clever idea. Cool stack.


Nice headicon for headless…

I wanted to use something like an invisible man icon originally. Haven’t found (or searched) therefore, so it’s still a head 🙃


Thank you Jannis

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Great work @Jannis 👊

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Fantastic! And so simple to use.

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@Jannis Wonderful idea for a stack. Easy to implement! Like the little added scroller indicator as well.

However, the stack “asks” to be updated each time I start up RW.


Thanks for the heads up. I just fixed this.



Just got the comment that @tav has some stacks doing the same (like and, so if you like my stack, it might be worthwhile to have a look at @tav’s stacks, too.


A great little stack, thank you.

Using it with top bar I notice as you increase the px height it intrudes into the menu bar. Is there a way to make it sit above the menu so that when you increase the px height it goes above the menu?


I see what you mean. This will be possible I guess. I will check after my vacation next week.


I wish you a pleasant vacation Jannis, well deserved for your good work 🙂


Have a great holiday

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