New from Marathia: EasyButtons Stack

A new year, so time for a new stack! This year I kick off with a very powerful yet easy to use stack to create all sorts of attractive buttons.

EasyButtons Stack

The EasyButtons Stack is a very versatile stack to create all sorts of buttons: in a (responsive) grid, with animations on hover, with animated Font Awesome icons… It also combines very well with the TippyTitle Stack.

Whether you need good looking call to action buttons, add to cart buttons or even a menu (with disabled buttons when needed – see the demo pages for an example), with the EasyButtons Stack it’s a breeze to make them. And: there are plenty of options to make them look like you have in mind.

You can read all about it on its product page, where you will also find lots of demos.

As a member of this forum, you can get a 25% discount* on this new stack. Just visit the product page, use the Add To Cart button (not the Buy Now with PayPal button!) to add the EasyButtons Stack to your cart and enter the discount code EB25RW4ALL in the designated field.

Hope you like it!


*This offer expires January 15, 2019, 00:00:00 GMT -7 (MST/PDT)


Wow, that’s a lot of button effects!

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